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Texmaco International Marketing Agency
Texmaco International Marketing Agency, Ludhiana - Manufacturer & Exporter of Weaving Machine, Textile Machine, Textile Knitting Machine 91-8447523631Texmaco InternationalMarketing Agencywww texmacointernational comWe one of the leading rms engaged in importingexporting supplying of wide range of textilemachinery Our premium range is gaining immensepopularity in the market due to its superiorfunct...
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V9i2 3 P Kanakaraj
Development of Multi-Layer Fabric on a Flat Knitting Machine Development of Multi-Layer Fabric on a Flat KnittingMachineP Kanakaraj1 R Ramachandran R1 B S Dasaradan21PSG College of Technology Coimbatore Tamil Nadu INDIA2Angel College of Engineering and Technology Tirupur INDIACorrespondence toP Kanakaraj email pkr fas psgtech ac inABSTRACTThe loop transfer technique was used to develop the a Garme...
jeffjournal.org/papers/Volume9/V9I2-3 P.... Kanakaraj.pdf
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Schedule of Events April 278 00-Llama Workshop Arena9 00 -Vessel Felting Shedly Building10 00-The Festival beginsHula hoop weaving Community BuildingWorkshop-Adding Lace to Mobius Food BuildingWorkshop Sock Knitting Basics Food Building10 00-David Broughton The Shelter10 30-Bomar and Ritter The Porch11 00-Antique Sock Knitting Machine Demo Community Building11 30-Jam Session The Shelter12 00-Sara ...
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TUBOTEX High speed weft Circular crochet Knitting machineMachine crochet circulaire de trame haute vitesseM quina de crochet Circular de trama de alta velocidadHigh speed weft Circular crochet Knitting Machine crochet circulaire de trame M quina de crochet Circular de trama demachine For the production of small haute vitesse pour la production de alta velocidad para la producci n dediameter tubula...
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Iti 960312
Email Flat 4-B-1 Road 21B Nam Village1 Machine TECH BD BD Bangladesh 880 Air Compressors and Boilers Mr Ala Uddin 1715757449 8811147 bdmtech yahoo comBanani Dhaka - 1213BENGAL CARBONPlot No A44 45 BSCIC Industrial2 TEFLON BD Bangladesh 880 31 Lathe Machine Mohammad Yosuf 670293 2570579 bewyosuf spnetctg comEstate Kalurghat ChittagongTECHNOLOGYBENGAL CARBONPlot No A44 45 BSCIC Industrial3 TEFLON BD...
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Nilesh Techno Engg India Private Limited
Nilesh Techno Engg.(India) Private Limited, Vasai - Manufacturer & Supplier of Allied Parts For Plastic Injection Moulding Machine, Industrial Nozzles, Screw Barrels 91-8377807457Nilesh Techno Engg IndiaPrivate Limitedwww indiamart com nileshtechno-enggWe are a well-known manufacturer supplier andexporter of a wide assortment of Mechanical SpareParts Our extensive product range is reckoned For its...
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Classes Spring 2009
6011 D North Woodbine Rd Saint Joseph MO 64505 816-387-8662 Knitting Classes January June 2009Instructors Cira Wright and Laura Macagno-ShangLearn to Knit 25 00 4 hoursLearn to knit beginning with the basics of casting-on knit stitch purl stitch binding off and how to read abasic pattern that is includedJanuary 1 - Thursdays 9 00 am 11 00 pm January 15 222 - Mondays 10 00 am 12 00 pm January 19 26...
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Complete Circular Knit Plant For Sale In Sydney
COMPLETE Circular Knitting Machine FACILITY For SALE SYDNEY AUSTRALIA SINGLE JERSEY10-MONARCH FUKUHARA JXC3S 60 dia 180feeds 20gg 26gg 28gg lycra yoc 19922-MAYER RELANIT 3 2 OPEN WIDTH 30 28 and 32gg 96feed yoc 20001-TERROT SCC572 full electronic jacquard 34 28gg 84feeds yoc 20002-MONARCH FUKUHARA OPEN WIDTH 30 28gg 90feeds lycra yoc20002-MONARCH FUKUHARA FXC3S OPEN WIDTH 30 28gg 90feed lycra Yoc ...
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Pmkits Hdx125p
Original Spare Parts Preventive Maintenance Kitswhen service is a part of your businessA Glunz Jensen processor is an investment in the future and with the correct service and maintenanceit will continue delivering the high quality and productivity you expect For many yearsBased on experience and statistical data from our Customer Support Center we have developed kits that areTargeted at specific ...
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227200.PDF AUTEX Research Journal Vol 1 No 2 November 2000 AUTEXDynamics of yarn tension on Knitting machinesT Pusch I W nsch P OffermannInstitute of Textile and Clothing TechnologyDresden University of TechnologyD-01062 Dresden GermanyE-mail itb tudurz urz tu-dresden deAbstractThe submitted paper reports a study of investigation of the dynamics of yarn tension i e to thetime dependence of the yar...
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Manuale Wac Designer Inglese
8OVERVIEW OF WAC DESIGNER 83 1 Starting WAC Designer 83 2 Language change 93 3 Option setting 93 4 Treatment of the pattern colors 103 5 Open Save and close pattern files 103 6 Image access 103 7 Undo and restore of graphical operation 113 8 Cut Copy and past 113 9 Magnify and reduction 123 10 Grid 123 11 Cursor 12Chapter 4 13CREATING PATTERN WITH WAC DESIGNER 134 1 How to create a pattern For Cir
systecsrl.com/manuali/Manuale Wac Designer - inglese.pd...r - inglese.pdf
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Sea Machinecontour
Machine contour paper.PDF Using Capacitance Probes to Measure the LimitofMachine Contouring PerformanceDon MartinLion Precision 563 Shoreview Park Road St Paul NIN 55126Most Machine tools used For discrete part manufacturing have the ability to create contoured surfacesGenerating a contoured surface usually requires the coordination of two or more axes of the Machine Theincreased use of CAD CAM an...
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Microsoft Word - Shells and Eyelets Toe-up socks.doc SnowDaze Toe Up SocksThis pattern assumes that you have some working knowledge of Sock knittingand is not For beginner Sock knittersSock Design By Wilma Becker 2010For questions email me at wilmab4397 gmail com Please put toe up Sock question in thesubject lineThese socks were created during a Montana Winter Blizzard Sure helped topass the time ...
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Operator and Parts Manual 250 SERIESMid-Central Corporation Phone 1-800-450-9824P O Box 241 Fax 1-866-632-6961Racine Wisconsin 53401www tomcatequip comHOW TO USE THIS MANUAL The SAFETY section contains important informationregarding hazard or unsafe practices of the machineThis manual contains the following sections Levels of hazards are identified that could result in productor personal injury or...
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Timeline History Of Kn 090316
A History of Knitting Tools The History of the Knitting NeedleBasic Knitting is so simple two sticks and a string it seems like it could have been thefirst way to make fabric In fact Knitting is quite a late invention in the arena ofneedlework but its simplicity of action means that it has always been easy to learn and totransport Even today it enjoys far wider participation as a leisure craft tha...
knitting-needle-notions.com/images/history/Timeline his...f kn 090316.pdf
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Microsoft Word - Document3 Eyelet ZigZag Toe Up SocksBy Wilma Becker July 2009This pattern assumes that you have some working knowledge in Sock knittingand is not For beginner Sock knittersYou will need US size 2 needles I use one 32 or 40 long Circular needle anduse the magic loop method Knitting 2 socks at once You could use five size 2double point needles in the traditional way of Knitting Sock...
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Hcpi2013 Aaaa Dxr250 2013 08
IPL, DXR250, Valid For Machine 12 and forward, 2013-08 SPARE Parts LISTDEMOLITION ROBOTSDXR250 Valid For Machine 12 andforward 2013-08ARM ONE DXR250 Valid For Machine 12 and forward 2013-08ARM ONE DXR250 Valid For Machine 12 and forward 2013-08Ref Part No Description Remark QTY KIT1 521 90 66-01 CYLINDER 22 505 24 82-01 SHAFT ASSY 33 522 84 14-01 SLEEVE 8 2 64 522 84 19-01 WASHER 8 2 65 522 84 23-...
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Amy March S Slippers A Tiny Owl Knits Pattern By Stephanie Dosen1
amy march's slippers Tiny owl stitch dictionarycluster clusters are different For WS and RS-WS make a cluster1 put yarn in back as if to knit2 insert right needle into first stitch as if to purl3 purl the stitchAMY MARCH S SLIPPERS You ll have to bring yarn OVER the top of right needle onlybefore it will be possible to purl the stitch After you purlyou ll have a weird looking entwined stitch or cl...
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Hsywebcat 2006
Hsycat-2004 2006Products For HosieryManufacturing EquipmentTemplex Inc Since 1956Air Valves Vacuum Valves Product Diverters H 11Bentley Knitting Machine Parts H 11Busi Knitting Machine Parts H 9Cleaning Gun H 11Collectors Units Lay-out Units H 12Collection System H 3Complett Seaming Machine Parts H 17Compressed Air Fittings H 12 H 16Crawford Knitting Machine Parts H 11Detexomat Seaming Machine Par...
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TENNANT Parts 2550 Rev 03 611580 2550Parts List ENErsatzeilliste DEListe Des Pi ces FROnderdelen Lijst NLLista De Repuestos ESModel Part NoM611373611580Rev 03 08-2008www tennantco com 611580Home Find Go ToPARTS LIST - ERSATZTEILLISTE - LISTE DES PI CES -ONDERDELENLIJST - LISTA DE REPUESTOSENThis manual is furnished with each new TENNANT 2550 Model A complete illustrated Parts Lists is supplied wit...
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TerrotJacquardengl24.5. C I R C U L A R KN IT TI N G M AC H I N ESE L ECTR O N I C-JACQ UA R DCould it get any better Terrot has achieved an outstandingposition in the development and manufacture of Circular Knitting machinesover a period of more than 140 years This tradition is continued perfectlyin the Jacquard range from Terrot New standards are set in matching theselection technology with PI E...
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Jeff V7i4
ustment of large- deposited on the surface of polyester PETdiameter Circular Knitting Machine LCKM It polypropylene PP and viscose fibers by usingcorresponds to the delay between cylinder and direct current DC reactive magnetrondial needles knock-over It is generally not well- sputtering The effect of different fibers on theknown by machines users and its impact on surface structure and morphology
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Jec 2011 Press Release 1
ITA-Formblatt-Vorlage deutsch Press Release 1 JEC 2011Institut f r TextiltechnikContact Viola Siegl of RWTH Aachen UniversityPhone 49 0 241 80 234 21Univ -Prof Dr -IngDipl -Wirt IngFax 49 0 241 80 224 22Thomas GriesEmail viola siegl ita rwth-aachen deOtto-Blumenthal-Str 152074 AachenGermanyHigh-tensile aluminum Parts with three-dimensional and precisely Phone 49 0 241 80 234 00positioned textile r...
ita.rwth-aachen.de/1-aktuell/pressenotiz/2011/JEC 2011 ...s Release 1.pdf
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Microsoft Word - 215-216 THE VENTILATION .doc THE VENTILATION CAPACITY OF THE STRATIFIEDKNITTED FABRICSFarima Daniela Lecturer PhD EngTechnical University Gh Asachi The Faculty of Textiles and LeatherBd D Mangeron nr 53 Iasi 6600 RomaniaABSTRACTThe sport garments used For intense physical activities must have characteristics that will assure the comfort of the user as well asthe desired level of p...
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Tender Mercies Annual Report 2013 Final Lr
2013 Annual Report Tender Mercies transforms thelives of homeless adults withmental illness by providingsecurity dignity and communityin a place they call homeFrom the CEODear Friends of Tender MerciesSumming up a year in the life of an agency like Tender Mercies is never easyThe residents whose lives we impact the staff who dedicate their time andenergy to achieve such incredible outcomes the Boa...
tendermerciesinc.org/sites/default/files/Tender Mercies...13_FINAL lr.pdf
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Textile Dictionary N 60 62
N NAINSOOK- A fine lightweight plain-weave fabric usually of combed cotton The fabric is often mercerized toproduce luster and is finished soft Nainsook is chiefly used For infants wear lingerie and blousesNAP- A downy surface given to a cloth when part of the fiber is raised from the basic structureNAPHTHALENE- A solid aromatic hydrocarbon C10H8 derived from coal tar Naphthalene is used as mothfl...
textileassociationindia.org/images/191/Textile Dictiona...y N (60-62).pdf
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Speedshine 175F/185-330F CE Commercial Parts Manual SpeedshineTM175F 185 330FFolding Handle Floor MachineModel No Parts List EN604720 175F 43cm604722 175F 51cmErsatzeilliste DE604728 185 330F 51cm Liste Des Pi ces FROnderdelen Lijst NLLista De Repuestos ESEN605875Rev 00 07 98Home Find Go ToPARTS LIST ERSATZTEILLISTE LISTE DES PI CESONDERDELENLIJST LISTA DE REPUESTOSENThis manual is furnished with ...
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Hcpi2013 Aaaa Dxr310 2013 08
IPL, DXR310, Valid For Machine 44 and forward, 2013-08 SPARE Parts LISTDEMOLITION ROBOTSDXR310 Valid For Machine 44 andforward 2013-08ARM ONE DXR310 Valid For Machine 44 and forward 2013-08ARM ONE DXR310 Valid For Machine 44 and forward 2013-08Ref Part No Description Remark QTY KIT1 521 90 66-01 CYLINDER 22 505 24 82-01 SHAFT ASSY 23 522 84 17-01 SLEEVE 4 2 84 522 84 19-01 WASHER 8 2 6 8 105 522 8...
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6183 A Mm Waterfall
Microsoft Word - Waterfall Socks.doc Waterfall SocksWendy D JohnsonWaterfall Socks - 1SizesSmall Medium Large 7 8 9 around stretchedslightlyGauge8 stitches and 12 rows per inchNeedlesUS size 0 2mm needles either double-pointedneedles dpns 2 short circulars or 1 long Circular seenote below or size to attain gaugeYarnFingering weight Sock yarn approximately 350 400yardsNoteYou can knit these socks u...
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Rivulets Socks
Microsoft Word - Rivulets Socks.doc Rivulets SocksWendy D JohnsonRivulets Socks - 1SizesSmall Medium Large 7 8 9 around stretchedslightlyGauge8 stitches and 12 rows per inchNeedlesUS size 0 2mm needles either double-pointedneedles dpns 2 short circulars or 1 long circularsee note below or size to attain gaugeYarnFingering weight Sock yarn approximately 350 400yardsAbbreviationsK knitK2TOG knit 2 t...
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