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Fileitem 198376 Appendixewaterforfirehydrantsubcommitteereport
Orinda’s Insufficient Water Supply for Fighting Fires Appendix EReport of the Fireflow SubcommitteeAppendix E Report of the Fireflow Subcommittee E-1Report from the Subcommittee on Fire FlowOrinda s Insufficient Water Supply for Fighting FiresRecommended Plan for RemediationThe October 1991 firestorm that occurred in the Oakland Berkeley hills was a harbinger of thepotential for a similar Fire t...
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822 Inwe90 8234
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822 Inut90 7649
n T n d o D u t c h Co-operation in Rural Water Supply and sanitation u lIn Uttar PradeshCommunity Participation inrural Water Supply and sanitationField actions andsharing of experiencesin bilateral progamme inUttar PradeshPresented to theGlobal ConsultationSafe Water 2000New Delhi September 10-14 1990Programme Support UnitAkshay 5th floor North Wing 2 Sarojini Naidu Marg Lucknow-226001 DP O Box ...
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824 Er96 18942
Eritrean Rural Water Supply UNICEF Environmental Sanitation Program EritreaWater Resources DepartmentFOCUSING ON HYGIENE AND ENVIRONMENTALSANITATION IN ERITREADRAFTShordtonsultant reportDecember 1996IRC International Water and Sanitation CentreACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONSCHA Community Health AgentDHS Demographic Health Survey 1995ECDF Eritrean Community Development FundECS Eritrean Catholic Secretar...
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824 Bj89 5662
BENIN Rural Water Supply Water AND SANITATIONAND SANITATION PROJECTTORHEALTHMID - TERM EVALUATION8 2 4B J 8 9i 5X Agencyfor International Developmenti TY Water SUFrr i-Y AND1611 N Kent Street Room 1001Arlington VA 22209-2111 USAWASH FIELD REPORT NO 252Telephone 703 243-8200Fax 703 525-9137Telex WUI 64552Cable Address WASHAIDFEBRUARY 1989Prepared forthe USAID Mission to TogoWASH Activity No 453-BJW...
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Prediction Of Rural Water Supply Systems Sustainability Using A Mathematical Model
Microsoft Word - Prediction of Rural Water Supply Systems Sustainability-REVISI print.doc PREDICTION OF Rural Water Supply SYSTEMSSUSTAINABILITY USING A MATHEMATICAL MODELAli Masduqi 1 2 Eddy S Soedjono 2 Noor Endah 3 Wahyono Hadi 21Graduate Program in Water Resources Manag and Eng Dept of Civil Engineering ITS Surabaya2Dept of Environmental Engineering ITS Surabaya3Dept of Civil Engineering ITS S...
mfile.narotama.ac.id/files/Umum/JURNAL ITS/Prediction o...tical model.pdf
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001 Sustainability Of Rural Water Supply
ISSUES REGARDING SUSTAINABILITY OF Rural Water Supply IN ZAMBIA BYKENNEDY MUSONDAsubmitted in fulfillment of the requirements of the degree ofMASTER OF ARTS IN SOCIAL SCIENCEin the subjectSOCIAL WORKat theTHE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AFRICASUPERVISOR Mrs H LouwJOINT SUPERVISOR Dr C J SchenckDr L MukukaFEBRUARY 2004iiACKNOWLEDGEMENTSThe production of this dissertation would not have been possible withou...
wstf.go.ke/watersource/Downloads/001. Sustainability of...ater Supply.pdf
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World Bank Webinar Myths April 2012
Myths of Rural Water Supply … … and directions of change Myths of Rural Water Supplyand directions for changeRichard C CarterChair Rural Water Supply NetworkHead of Technical Support WaterAidSummaryMuch has been achieved but it is time for changeSustainability remains elusiveNew ways and directions are beginning to emergeThe conventional approach to RWS 1Output-focusedMDG coverage targetsfocus...
water.worldbank.org/sites/water.worldbank.org/files/Wor... April 2012.pdf
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Sutton 2011 Accelerating
Rural Water Supply Network Field Note No 2011-2 Sally SuttonFebruary 2011Self SupplyAccelerating Self SupplySummary of progress in introducing a new approachField Note No 2011-2Executive Summary ContentsIt is becoming clear that household capacity household priori- Executive Summary 2ties and the power of real ownership have already been strong Abbreviations 2drivers for Rural dwellers to improve ...
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Mekong Delta Microcredits
Water Supply or ‘Beautiful Latrines’? Microcredit for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam ASEAS 5 1Aktuelle S dostasienforschung Current Research on South-East AsiaWater Supply or Beautiful Latrines Microcredit for Rural WaterSupply and Sanitation in the Mekong Delta VietnamNadine Reis1 Peter P Mollinga2Citation Reis N Mollinga P P 2012 Water Supply or Beautiful Latr...
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Techexperts Guidelines 6dec08
Guidelines for engaging Technical Experts in Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Guidelines for engaging Technical Experts in Rural Water Supply and Sanitation SectorGuidelines for engaging Technical Experts inRural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector1 0 BackgroundThe Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme ARWSP was introduced in1972 73 by the Government of India to assist the States and U...
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No 1 Socio Cultural And Demographic
Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Facilities in AfricaSocio-cultural and Demographic FactorsSWSD Policy Brief No 1Basic facts d Sheer indiscipline especially from the youthsometimes is the cause of system failures in somea Rural communities usually have strong cultural communities When the traditional authority hasrelations with each other and would hardly deny limited capacity to enforce facil...
wsafrica.org/sites/staging.wsafrica.org/files/js/No 1 S...demographic.pdf
Size: 393 KB Author: Emmanuel ADDAI Creation time: Sat Nov 10 19:29:21 2012 Pages: 4

Mills 2006 Stakeholders
Insight into stakeholder’s perceptions and attitudes towards Self Supply in the Ugandan Rural Water Supply sector Cranfield University SilsoeInstitute of Water and EnvironmentMSc in Water Management Community Water SupplyAcademic Year 2005 2006Olivier MillsStakeholders perceptions of self Supply in theUgandan Rural Water Supply sectorSupervisor Richard CarterWord length 9306Date of presentation ...
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No 3 O&m And Financing
Sustainability of Rural Water Supply Systems Community management and financialconsiderationsSWSD Policy Brief No 3Basic factsa Are Rural Water management committees c Are there sustainable financing plans It isreally capable of managing the systems It not possible to achieve sustainabilitytakes capable institutions to efficiently without sustainable financing it is thereforemanage Water Supply sy...
wsafrica.org/sites/staging.wsafrica.org/files/js/No 3 O...d financing.pdf
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The Governance of Service Delivery for the Poor and Women: A Study of Rural Water Supply in Ethiopia ESSP2 Discussion Paper 008The Governance of Service Deliveryfor the Poor and WomenA Study of Rural Water Supply in EthiopiaTewodaj Mogues Marc J Cohen Regina Birner Mamusha Lemma JoseeRandriamamonjy Fanaye Tadesse and Zelekawork PaulosDevelopment Strategy and Governance Division International Food ...
Size: 784 KB Author: T. Mogues, M. Cohen, R. Birner, M. Lemma, J. Randramamonjy, F. Tadesse, and Z. Paulos Creation time: Tue Mar 30 18:16:10 2010 Pages: 69

Maiga 2006 Self
Sustainable Rural Water Supply Self-Supply in MaliHamidou Maiga Boubacar Maiga andSally SuttonAlthough a long way off achieving the Water-Supply MDGthrough communal sources Mali has a well-establishedtradition of people solving their own Water-supplyproblems by using traditional wells A survey reveals thatimproved wells are often preferred to borewells and thatthe quality of the Water is often goo...
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No 4 The Model
Sustaining Rural and Small Town Water Supply Systems in AfricaA Predictive ModelSWSD Policy Brief No 4Basic Factsa Available records indicate that at every c It has also been established that aftergiven moment between 30 and 35 of systems have been provided too little or norural and small town Water Supply facilities monitoring is done on the systems toin Africa do not function as they ought to es...
wsafrica.org/sites/staging.wsafrica.org/files/js/No 4 T...4 The Model.pdf
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Adb 2004 Projectid
Evaluation of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project in Indonesia ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK PPA INO 26314PROJECT PERFORMANCE AUDIT REPORTON THERURAL Water Supply AND SANITATION SECTOR PROJECTLoan 1352-INOININDONESIADecember 2004CURRENCY EQUIVALENTSCurrency Unit rupiah RpAt Appraisal At Project Completion At Operations EvaluationNov 1994 Aug 2000 Mar Apr 2004Rp1 00 0 000455 0 00012056 0 ...
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Gkc Oneworld Ghogha Rural Drinking Water Supply Project
Ghogha Rural Drinking Water Supply ProjectMay 2011Governance Knowledge Centre Researched and Documented byPromoted by Department of Administrative Reformsand Public GrievancesMinistry of Personnel Public Grievances and Pensions OneWorld Foundation IndiaGovernment of India www oneworld net inhttp indiagovernance gov in owsa oneworld netGovernance Knowledge Centre Case StudyPromoted by Department of...
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Domestic Water Supply systems with automatic control unit swimming poolsMulti Eco Multistage self-priming centrifugal pumpRp 1-11 4 Design Multistage self-priming centrifugal pump in close-coupled designQ m3 h up to 8 Applications Single- or two-family houses agricultural facilities spray irrigationH m up to 54 and irrigation systems washing plants Water Supply and rainwater harvesting sys-p ba...
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Andersson 1990 Rural
Rural Water Supply development in the context of economic crisis andstructural adjustmentby Ingvar AnderssonThe first part of this thoughtful piece Using local skillsappeared in October s Waterlines In it Efforts are made to utilize existingskills at community-level Skills suchthe author warns against development as carpentry masonry and many repairskills such as those needed forthat is preoccupie...
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Swsd Sustainability Factsheet
Sustainability of Rural Water Supply services in Ghana User perceptions from 13 districtsA WSA Fact Sheet 2012This fact sheet analyses findings from a user-based survey undertahen in 13 districts in theAfram Plains area in Ghana in 2011 The 13 districs cut across three administrative regionsAshanti 6 districts Eastern 4 districts and Brong Ahafo 3 ditrictsThe survey was undertaken by Water and San...
wsafrica.org/sites/staging.wsafrica.org/files/js/SWSD S...y factsheet.pdf
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Improved Water Supply in the Ghanaian Volta Basin: who uses it and who participates in community decision-making? ABSTRACTWe examine access to use of and participation in decisions on improved Water supplyin the Volta basin of Ghana one of the first countries to introduce a community-basedapproach to Rural Water Supply on a large scale While 71 percent of the householdsinterviewed have access to i...
Size: 633 KB Author: Engel, Stefanie; Iskandarani, Maria; Useche, Maria del Pilar; Creation time: Thu Feb 10 13:48:11 2005 Pages: 61

Event Discussion Paper
Trends in Rural Water sector development and implications for international aid delivery a discussion paper 15 09 11The challengeFrom one perspective the case of the Rural Water sector in developing countries over the past thirty years isa success story 720m Rural people served with improved Water supplies and percentage of unserved ruralpeople reduced from 36 to 22But from another perspective the...
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TAMILNADU Water Supply AND DRIANAGE BOARD TAMILNADU Water Supply AND DRIANAGE BOARDPERCENTAGE TENDER SYSTEMTENDER DOCUMENTSFOR RWS WORKS ON TURNKEY BASIS1 Tender Notice No T N No 20 F VOC NAGAR JDO2 2010Dt 08 06 20102 Name of Work CWSS to VOC NAGAR 3 other Habitations inNavalock Panchayat in Walaja UnionVellore District Construction ofPump Room Erection of Submersible PumpsetConnecting Main Pumpin...
Size: 257 KB Author: DB-2 Creation time: Wed Jun 16 17:26:54 2010 Pages: 29

Microsoft Word - Background of Water Supply programme.doc BACKGROUND OF Water Supply PROGRAMMEINTRODUCTIONWhen India achieved freedom organised Water Supply was restricted to largertowns cities only but that too was inadequate The Rural population which constitutes approx 80of the total population was without any safe drinking Water Supply Water Supply at that time wasa provincial or a state subje...
Size: 69 KB Author: newuser Creation time: Sat May 13 16:30:08 2006 Pages: 2

824 Et 10013
SIDA Evaluation Report Rural Water Supply Ethiopia 1990 1CONCERN ANDRESPONSIBILITYAn Evaluation of the Dodota Water Supply Projectin EthiopiaBy Eva Poluha G ran Engstrand Annika IdemaimJohan Meichert and Judith NarroweThe evaluation of the Dodota Water Supply Project consisted of five se-parate studies This is the Main Evaluation Report which integratesthese studies into one This report was writte...
Size: 4757 KB Author: none Creation time: none Pages: 84

IELRC.ORG - India Assessment 2002 – Water Supply and Sanitation India Assessment 2002 Water Supply andSanitationThis document is available at ielrc org content e0237 pdfFor further information visit www ielrc orgNote This document is put online by the International Environmental Law ResearchCentre IELRC for information purposes This document is not an official version ofthe text and as such is o...
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232 2 2238
Low Cost Water Supply forHuman consumptionCattle wateringSmall scale irrigation232 28 4L0May 1984Part 2Pumping Equipment232 2 2238Low Cost Water SupplyforHuman consumptionCatt e wateringSmafi sca e irrigationLj LOPart 2Pumping Equipmentnii rDHV Consulting EngineersP O Box 85 Telex 79348 dhv ni Cables dehave3800 AB Amersfoort The NetherJandsThe instruction manuals Low Cost Water SupplyPart 1 Survey...
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Pittsburg County Rural Water Dist
Pittsburg County Rural Water Dist Pittsburg County Rural Water Dist No 7 v City of McAlester 211 F 3d 1279 2000 WL525942 5 10th Cir Okla C A 10 Okla 2000ORDER AND JUDGMENTBRORBY1 Plaintiff-Appellant Pittsburg County Rural Water District No 7 District appeals thedistrict court s entry of summary judgment in favor of Defendants Appellees City ofMcAlester Oklahoma and McAlester Public Works Authority...
1926blaw.com/media/Pittsburg County Rural Water Dist.pd... Water Dist.pdf
Size: 34 KB Author: Steven M. Harris Creation time: Sun Sep 21 18:23:45 2003 Pages: 7

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